List of 5 Important Features to Create Free Tour Stockholm Website

Have you ever thought about the fact that what sort of features are considered to be vitally important in the set up of any hotel website browsing? Well, you don't have to hit your mind anymore because right below this post we would bring you up with the list of main features of your hotel website for free tour Stockholm:


Feature No 1: Cheap Price Rates with Huge Guarantee:

If you are on some holiday tour, then for sure you would probably be in search of the hotel accommodation that is granting you with the cheap rates or the discount packages as well.  Try to make the search of the hotel that has been involved as in providing with the affordable rates. You should offer your customers with the promotions or special discounts which you should state clearly on your site.


Feature No 2: Compare the Rates of Different Rooms:

In your free tour Stockholm, it is important that you should be comparing the rates of the accommodation places in terms of the facilities and room services.  You should be making you complete aware about the rates of the services if you are having 2-3 hotel options in your mind. You should be giving them a complete freedom to select the best available offer.


Feature No 3: Give Visual Representation of the Service Offered:

It would hence be a great alternative if you would be considering choosing with the visual representation of the services that are being offered out.  Almost each single customer is very much interested in learning about the fact that how the visual representation of their room will be looking all around. This is important that you should add upon with some of the photos plus the videos of your hotel's rooms, and also the facilities plus the amenities.


Feature No 4: Hotel Interactive Map & Information:

It is also important to make you learn that you should be adding the website with the informative figures as related with the hotel interactive maps too.  This is hence so far turning out to be one of the main requirements as part of the hotel focused websites. You should give your customers the complete freedom as to where they can explore your hotel much more easily. This will rise up the chances of booking.


Feature No 5: Easy-to-Use Booking System:

On the last for the convenience of the customers, you should be adding your website with the easy to access booking online system. You should be making out with some of the efforts as where you can readily put together the adjustment of the space of easy and simple booking system for the customers who are at far off places. Offering easy to use booking system will raise 70% of the chances of bringing the same customers back into your hotel places.

If you do have some plans to create an interesting hotel website for free tour Stockholm then make sure you do not miss out adding with these features! All the Best!